Awesome post Daniel!

The language-agnostic nature of Clean Code is so easy to overlook. But no matter which language is your favorite, there are always certain things that you must do as a developer.

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"Code is clean if the entire team agrees" - Love it, it's all about what makes the team the most productive and what contributes to adding the most business value. Thanks for sharing the secrets with us Daniel!

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Clean code is much more than just readable code.

Outstanding post brother! ๐Ÿ„

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Like the concept behind clean code, liked the article. Keep it simple works

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> you are not paid to write CODE..

How can DEVELOPERS solve problem without CODE..

Maybe your statement seems to convey without CODING problem can be solved.. not sure how ?

Hope you did not indent to uderestimate the power of Healthy CODE in solving problems. Similar to saying x is not paid for building walls, x is paid to build a house :).

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